Hover Types in the Inster Block

The Inster Block has two Hover Types: Classis and Detailed. Mouse over images below this to see the difference. Various types of data for hover allow very flexible use of Inster for different types of sites.

The first one is called classic – it is stylized to be as close as possible to the standard hover Instagram. The second allows you to display on the hover any information, date, author, description, tags, number of likes or comments, etc.

A variety of settings allows you to customize the Inster block to the smallest detail. In the settings, you can select initial animation and one of the hover styles and also choose from preset color schemes or choose from 16 million colors independently. There is a mode for displaying enlarged posts in Lightbox, which can be turned off.

The Inster Block can be used to display a Square Grid of posts from Instagram. Inster allows you to display a feed by Username, Tag( Top Posts/Most Recent ) or a Location ID.